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"Crafting the Story of Buildabiz: Our Journey and Mission"

You're getting Your first job

You're recieving Your first paycheck

You're looking down

And then You're asking yourself

“Where did my money go?”

It's a harsh truth to earning your own money as a teenager, as a student, and as a kid. Financial literacy is a necessity, but the topic itself lacks common understanding. For the four of us, getting our first job was an exciting feat and a big step in gaining our own independence. And we truly feel that it’s an important part of every teen’s life. However, with little understanding of how money works in our day to day lives, we were left astounded realizing the magnitude of taxes. Further, opening a bank account with our parents, and applying for our first credit card, a new world of responsibility came our way.

Fueled by our shared experiences, we decided to take matters into our own hands and fill the knowledge gap ourselves. Our Build-a-Biz journey began with late-night brainstorming sessions in coffee shops, and long face time calls. As teenagers juggling school assignments and part-time jobs, we faced challenges, and occasional doubt in our ability to make a difference.

We realize that we aren’t alone in our mission for financial understanding. Friends, classmates, and even teachers confessed to feeling lost in the world of finance, just like we did. This realization became the foundation of Buildabiz – an organization built by students, for students, with the mission to address the lack of financial literacy in our community. We’re looking to stand as a medium for others like us to grow their own financial knowledge and pursue their business ideas. Such that we’re committed to providing legitimate resources to prepare them for the real world. Ranging from business professionals to certified college courses, students can expect the best learning environment at no cost.


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