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Build-A-Biz Kickoff Overview.

First off, thanks to everyone for attending Build-A-Biz's Kickoff event! We hope everyone had a great time and learned a thing or two about financial literacy! Special shoutout to Dr Ryan Decker, PhD, CFP® & Jared Moser for making the night extra valuable and possible with the Skittles budgeting game and expert financial information and advice!

Thanks as well to NaperLaunch & Naperville Public Library for helping us host! Build-A-Biz is looking forward to future opportunities in providing high-quality financial literacy to all. Our team is working hard to make this new year a time of money management and growth! We are always looking to connect with like-minded educators to help build a brighter financial future. Stay tuned through our various forms of social media for upcoming seminars and updates!


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