Grow Your Business & Organize Your Freakin’ Life!

Your Most Productive Day Ever


  • Marketing Plan (up to 1 year)
  • Email Sequence Automation
  • Social Media Strategy
  • Content Blueprint
  • Lead Magnet
  • Sales Funnel
  • 30 Day Schedule of your specific tasks and goals
  • Market Positioning and Messaging


+2 LIVE Online Workshops

  • Workshop 1: The Business Roadmap
  • Workshop 2: The Brain Dump & Processing

Have Questions?
You can Email or Message me.

What is This Really?

This is your chance to finally get sh*t done.

1 Full Day of
IN-PERSON Action Lab

SEPT 1st

Fullerton, California | 8am-6:30pm

The Action Lab is a fast paced, all day in-person event where you will COMPLETE a goal every 25 minutes. 

Nope, didn’t studder. Every 25 Minutes, you’ll do something integral to your business AND finish it. This includes real life actionable next steps.


2 Weeks of

AUG 20th & AUG 27th

Workshop 1: The Business Roadmap – LIVE August 20th
Workshop 2: The Brain Dump – LIVE August 27th

 Each Week will consist of:

  • A LIVE Online Lesson – Watching the Lessons LIVE gives you the opportunity to ask questions on the spot.  Can’t attend LIVE?   A REPLAY will be available for you.


  • An Assignment  –  In each lesson we will walk through a specific task to complete.  Whatever is not finished during the lesson will be due by the end of the week.   These assignments are required in order for you to be ready for the ACTION LAB.


  • LIVE Office Hours – Optional LIVE meeting for review, Q&A, and general help in completing the assignment.

Look. We get it.

You’ve read the blogs, devoured YouTube, and are in the middle of 12 half-finished courses. Your sleeves are so full of hacks, tips and tricks that you look like Popeye.

How many more apps, podcasts, and to-do lists before you get something done?

  • You have too much sh*t to do and not enough time to do it. 
  • You’re paralyzed with decisions, the direction of your business, and what to post next on social media. 
  • And there’s that whole “personal life” thing waiting until the big dream comes together. 

Get Clear. Make A Plan.
Take Action - IN ONE DAY!

This is NOT a Seminar.

Why spout off the same stuff you can get for free?

We are not going to fill your head with a bunch of great ideas and send you on your way  figure it out. (has that method worked for anyone yet?)

Instead, this is a place to:

  • Get past all the obstacles that’s kept you paralyzed from moving ahead.
  • Do the things what will specifically progress your business forward
  • Create balance in your life so you don’t burn out and still have friends that like you. 
  • Learn step by step to create a plan that works and create strategies that make money.

Our workshop is about DOING SH*T!

Spend less time being a frazzled hot mess and more time checking things off like a total boss.

Have you heard the word on the street?

See. EVERYONE'S doing it.

Owner Club bubbles

Tanya knows what it takes not only to get a business up and running, but how to keep it on top of your market. She guided me step-by-step with her expert advice and marketing knowledge to ensure success! If you have the opportunity to work with this talented young woman, don’t pass it up!

Owner of Lean Body Fit Camp

She understands the nuances of being an entrepreneur and what it takes to get a business off the ground. She looks not only at the business but also at you and your personal hurdles and potential road blocks. Her organization, grass roots know how, and knowledge of the health, wellness and fitness industry is thorough and always current.

Michelle Laciste
Account executive at Fictiv

I am very thankful I’ve had the opportunity of working for Tanya, the skills she has taught me are utterly priceless.

Branding & Content Designer

For any young company that seeks a mentor who isn’t afraid to get down in the trenches, I highly recommend Tanya. She gets things done: on time, under budget, and with a lot of laughs thrown in for good measure.

Noel Vinson
Owner Dissenter Stage Productions Australia

I am very grateful for having the opportunity to have worked with Tanya.

From helping my understanding with marketing myself through her channels into implementing my own, Tanya was instrumental in helping understand and create my brand within music and entertainment. From her grass root knowledge onto corporate connections, she has played a vital role in helping me achieve a level I never thought I could! Thanks so much Tanya!

Sound like things you want too?

Action Lab & Workshops Details

IN-PERSON Action Lab

This is how you’re going to zero in on your focus so you’re not totally flipping out about everything that needs your attention. We’ll show you how having a weekly understanding of your schedule will be an absolute game changer for your productivity.

Now it’s time to…..

  • Know where your business fits in this big big(cruel) world. (Niche)
  • Learn how to solve a pain that makes people shout “take my money” (Target Market)
  • Know who are your customers, really. (Buyers persona)
  • Stop sucking at explaining why your business kicks a** (and helps people) (30 sec Pitch)
  • Find your social media purpose and stop struggling with knowing what to post and where.

How to pave the way

  • Create a direct path to turn strangers to customers to superfans (Sales Funnel)
  • Learn which content connects with best with your audience and how to use it for conversion
  • Leverage lead magnets to show your authority (read: awesomeness) and grow a massive audience
  • Write email sequences that deliver value, grow relationships and create customers.

This is huge stuff. Major biz road map type stuff. We’re talking the “Oprah-sized” goals here, people. This is where you’ll get a bird’s eye view of your entire business game plan so you can begin to take action and actually make shit happen.

When will you write that blog,  launch that course, fix your website, run that sale?

Relax, it’s all detailed in the plan.

We promise you will walk away with:

  • A completed business roadmap 
  • A planned schedule that manages your specific life and business tasks
  • A tailored-to-you marketing strategy and plan overview including content, social media, list building and email sequences

LIVE Online Workshops 1 + 2

Whatever you want to call it, this is your business’s skeleton. How the vegan sausage gets made. How shit happens. You don’t want to be walking around without your skeleton, do you? No, you do not.

We’re going to walk through how to create and clarify your specific path to business success.

It’s time to purge like an 80’s supermodel.

Let’s get it out.

Tasks you needed done yesterday. Tasks today, tomorrow and next month.

  • Appointments. Meetings. Travel.
  • Projects. Ideas.
  • Family events. Birthday’s. Anniversaries.
  • Daily obligations.
  • Business sales, events, launches


We will categorize, prioritize and organize them to make sense of your existence.

We're ready to give YOU the bizness.
What are you waiting for?

Who the heck am I?

I’m Tanya Marie Figueras Kraisingr, more easily known as Tanya MFK, it’s easier and it sounds gangsta’. (Which I clearly am)

Ok. So maybe I’m just a sassy marketing momma with 16 years marketing and biz development experience who’s been office free since 2005.  I’ve worked with Fortune 500 companies, Grammy nominated artists, million dollar start-ups and grass roots solo ventures. Stick with me and save yourself 16 years of learning the ropes.

The truth is, from your initial idea to digital marketing, social media, content creation, advertising, sales and planning, it’s less about what you know and all about how you plan to get it done.

Think of us like your over caffeinated business sherpas leading you to action and results. But, always equipped with a dose of balance and keeping-it-realism so you don‘t lose your sh*t. (common side effect of the entrepreneur hustle)

We founded Buildabiz to be a no bull, gimmick free place to get sh*t done and be the best person you can be right now. We will never promise you “easy” but we will promise you “done”.


We're super good at this.
You can be too.


Inquisitive, we like that!

I’m sorry, but seriously, what is this again?
This is 2 week online workshop followed by a 1 day IN PERSON Action Lab to: 

  • Organize and plot your current To Do List to get sh*t done based in the reality of life happening around you
  • Create clear and specific strategies to grow your business that you can implement now
  • Take actionable steps in real time with us in a group setting
  • Walk away having accomplished actual goals instead of just learning

Here’s a detailed syllabus of each module


What exactly am I getting?
You will walk away with:

  • A completed business roadmap 
  • A planned schedule that manages your specific life and business tasks
  • A tailored-to-you marketing strategy and plan overview including content, social media, list building and email sequences


Is this for me?
This is for Entrepreneurs, Solopreneurs, Small business owners already in business or with a business idea.

If you are:

  • Stuck in a bubble with only yourself for feedback
  • Paralyzed with decisions and direction of your business
  • Need a master plan to get all of these great ideas done
  • Not getting the results you want in sales efforts
  • Just have too much sh*t to do and not enough time
  • Living in guilt for all the parts of life you’re ignoring like family, relationships, and YOU
  • Ready to finally get it together

*REQUIRED: A taste for sarcasm and “keep-it-real-ism”


I’m super busy, can I really get sh*t done?
Are you getting sh*t done now? The workshop & lab is set up in away to accomplish a goal every 25 minutes. This is not a place to sit and learn, it’s a space figure out and do


Price is an issue for me
That’s cool. You are where you are on your journey. We have plenty of free stuff to get you moving along until you’re ready to invest in something bigger.



Why the 2 Week Workshops?
You can’t eat that elephant whole, dude.  We ain’t got time for indigestion. Doing it this way allows you to be prepared to get the maximum amount of sh*t done on the big day. 

  • First, we will get your business mapped out. (all the pieces)
  • Second, get your brain clear and organized. (all the spazz)

Bon appetit


When does this course start and finish?
Workshop 1 (online): August 20th
Workshop 2 (online): August 27th
Action Lab (In Person): September 1st


Are the 2 Week Workshops required?
Yes.  The 2 Workshops prepare you to get the work done in the Action Lab.  Without the foundation you won’t be able to progress in the 1 DAY experience. 


How much time will the 2 Week Workshops take?
Week 1:

  • 1 Hour Live Lesson
  • 1-2 Hours Assignment
  • 1 Hour LIVE Q&A session
  • Total: 3-4 hours

Week 2:

  • 1 Hour Live Lesson
  • 1-2 Hours Assignment
  • 1 Hour LIVE Q&A session
  • Total: 3-4 hours


When & Where is the Action Lab
September 1, 2018. 8am-6:30pm PST

In Downtown Fullerton at:

Pro Desk Space
112 E Amerige Ave.
Fullerton, CA 92832
Click to view on Google Maps


What if I sign up and change my mind?
Cold feet, eh? How about some socks? No? 
Ok. Refunds are available until July 31st.
After July 31st, your investment can be used as credit towards future courses and events that qualify. 


What if I’m not in the LA area?
Click HERE to be notified when access opens to the complete ONLINE Course. 


I’m in for the course. Tell me about the food. 
Coffee, snacks, water and LUNCH will be provided with Vegetarian options. Sorry, we can’t accommodate additional dietary restrictions.  A fridge and microwave is provided for those needing to bring their meals with them. You may be required to share recipes. 


What do I need to bring?

  • Laptop or Tablet/iPad
  • Charger and/or power banks (to stay juiced)
  • A current dated calendar planner (paper and/or digital)
  • Acquired taste for sarcasm


How many attendees will be there?
Our group capacity will be maxed out at 40 people. We value small groups for peer-to-peer and individual attention. 

If you’re saying,
How the hell am I going to get this all done?
then you need to get on this.

Register by Aug 11

$ 197 One Time

Register by Aug 17

$ 297 One Time

It's not about having time, It's about making time.

Don’t even lie and try to tell me you’ve found time by reading all those blogs, taking all those challenges and learning all those hacks and tips… even if some of them are mine.

Here You Go, Champ!

Learn the 3 Goal Getter Practices we use to get ahead in our businesses, and still stay sane in our daily lives. Complete with Our Worksheets & Video Instruction. ALL FREE! Just saying.