The Shove - Private Strategy Coaching

So you have a vision...

I envisioned Tahiti once, but I didn’t have a plan to get there. 
Surprise, I still haven’t gone there yet. 

So here’s a deal for you.
You bring the vision.
I’ll bring the know how
Together we’ll make the plan
And YOU will get to where you’re headed

I have one purpose – to make your dreams a planned reality.

Together we will create a vision for where you want to be in business and in life and develop specific plans to get you there while growing your business and gaining skills along the way.


  • Having an exact blueprint for your business success
  • Clarity of your path and direction
  • A consistent flow of  clients you LOVE working with
  • Running your business with confidence knowing your headed in the right direction
  • Seeing measureable results in your business EVERY WEEK
  • Enjoying the flexibility + freedom of the entrepreneur life
  • Not guessing where the next check, payment, or wave of clients will come from
  • Growing a community who loves your brand
  • Enjoying money, instead of stressing about it
  • Knowing the exact steps to consistent flow of business and how to automate it
  • Finally having time to build the skills and learn lessons you need to keep you on top of your industry

Well here is where we stop dreaming, and start getting results

I’m Ready.
What’s My Next Step?

  1. Schedule to meet online face to face for a free 30 minute session
  2. Complete your in depth Discover Survey
  • 60 minute strategy session every week
  • Weekly Lessons and skill building
  • Bi-weekly check ins to ensure you’re never off course
  • Specific and Relevant Action Plans to keep you focused and moving forward between sessions.
  • Professional guidance and accountability
  • Discussion Notes for review and reference
  • Email support for those days where you need a little extra guidance.
  • Going beyond your perceived limitations
  • Resources for your success (worksheets, guides, books, articles, videos, etc.)

Your business likely came about because of what you love

AND you probably get to do what you love every day.

What could be better than that?!? 

At first it seems that, truly, nothing could be better.

But statistics show that a very high percentage (99%) of businesses fail because so many business owners try to do everything themselves.

Instead of working from a plan, they wing it until their schedule, financials or growth (or lack thereof) are no longer sustainable.

They’re multitasking themselves to insanity.

For entrepreneurs, dealing  with the demands of clients, constantly securing where your next funds will come from, managing social media, trying to stay abreast of the industry, and the regular tasks involved in running a business can be crazy making.

With so many demands on our time, energy and resources it is easy to lose sight of the big picture and get depleted.
It doesn’t have to be this way! And more truthfully, it can’t be this way.
It’s time to make a shift in your business now so that you can continue doing what you love for as long as you want.

Creating structure, having a plan and being intentional rather than reactive in your business
will allow you to have the business AND the life you want.

Get clear.
Make a plan.
Get into action.

This is the foundation of your business success

During our work together you will:

  • Create a simple, on-going business plan
  • Design a brand and marketing strategy that leaves you feeling confident and purposeful, not spammy and yucky.
  • You’ll be given tools and exercises to put the systems and processes in place that will make your business more efficient, more profitable and allow you to have more freedom.
  • Create an extremely productive daily routine (with less tasks!) that leaves you feeling energized
  • You’ll look at your business through a new lens: It will be the means through which you live your life- it will not run your life!

By applying basic business principals and getting intentional about how you run your business you can, not only do what you love but, leverage what you love in order to live the life you want. You’ll have had the opportunity to experiment with what works, what doesn’t work and to hone your ability to strategize, execute, and recreate.

By the end of our work together:

  • you’ll have a handle on planning, marketing, administration and growth.
  • You will know your numbers.
  • You’ll know the character of your business and be attracting the clients that are right for you.
  • You will have clear marketing goals and a plan
  • You’ll have measurable growth
  • You will have systems in place that make your biz run smoothly and allow you to go on vacation, spend more time with your family & friends, and enjoy your hobbies more.

In my one-on-one business strategy sessions, you get support, accountability and results.

Whatever you’ve always thought you SHOULD be able to do on your own, you’ll  find out you can do more powerfully and efficiently with a business mentor and coach!

Try it out, what have you got to lose?

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