Global Domination Mastermind Group

The Definition of a Mastermind Group is:

“The coordination of knowledge and effort of two or more people, who work toward a definite purpose, in the spirit of harmony.”

Or in other words: 2 Heads are Better Than One

Well this my friends, is where you Stop dreaming and start getting results


  • Not guessing what to do next.
  • Having a blueprint for your business success
  • Getting rid of overwhelm
  • Have a consistent flow of  clients you LOVE working with?!
  • Clarity of your path and direction
  • Actually enjoying the flexibility + freedom that the entrepreneur life offers
  • Growing a community who loves your brand
  • Enjoying money, instead of stressing about it
  • Running your business with confidence knowing your headed in the right direction
  • Knowing the exact steps to continually grow your business
  • Seeing measureable results in your business EVERY WEEK
  • Not wondering where the next check, payment, or wave of clients will come from
  • Finally having time to build the skills and learn lessons you need to keep you on top of your industry

How Does It Work?

A mastermind group is designed to get you through challenges using the collective intelligence of others.

How does a mastermind work?

A group of 5 smart people meet with me weekly to tackle challenges, develop skills, learn new lessons, determine next steps, and grow our businesses.

It’s a combination of peer-to-peer mentoring and coaching.

There are weekly lessons, skills developments, and most importantly progress in your business.

We Cover:

  • Launches
  • Automation
  • Marketing tactics
  • Planning
  • Sales Funnels
  • And any specifics requested by the group

Need 7 more reasons? Check out this Forbes article. Or are you smarter than Forbes too?
7 Reasons to Join a Mastermind Group

What Will I Get From It?

  • Weekly business lessons, skill building and group sessions
  • Monthly private 1-1 sessions
  • Email Support
  • Solutions and ideas from brainstorming with the group and getting direct feedback
  • Tap into the experience and skills of others, including the myself
  • Increased confidence that you’ve made the right decisions and are taking the right actions to achieve your goals
  • Accountability and real progress in your business and personal life
  • An instant and valuable support network
  • A sense of shared endeavor -Yes! There are others out there!
  • A chance to design things to be the way you want them to be, not as you’ve been told they “should” be
  • A boost to your everyday positive mental attitude knowing that your working your dream instead of wishing it

Who Should Join the
Global Domination Mastermind Group?

The same people who join every Mastermind group Pinky.
Those trying to take over their world!

Seriously though, The Mastermind group is for you if:

  • You can benefit from business lessons and skill building
  • You are ready to take real steps and real action in your business and to get called out when you don’t
  • You are willing to join in a two way dialogue of giving and receiving information
  • You want the desire and inspiration to make this year extraordinary
  • You want a supportive team of Mastermind partners
  • You sant a clear path to reach or exceed goals
  • You are ready to let your desire to be passionate about your life and work overcome your fear of change
  • You are willing to commit to the change required to grow, and willing to commit to the mastermind group members

Nitty Gritty

  • Weekly Face to Face Video Meetings Hosted by Tanya
  • 75 minutes Meetings
  • Weekly Lessons/Skill Building
  • Monthly Private 1-1 check ins with Tanya
  • All lessons are recorded for reference and review
  • 5 people per group
  • Pricing $200/month (discounts for 6 month/12 month memberships)

Ok, I'm Ready. What's Next?

  1. Complete Application Process
    It is important that our groups are curated to create the utmost success for each member. We require an application process to determine the best fit for you to succeed. Apply Here

  2. Commitment
    You must be willing to make a sustained commitment to the group.
    Commitment comes in two forms: the first type of commitment means showing up for every meeting without excuse, and second type of commitment is to the mastermind group process.

  3. Balanced Two-Way Sharing
    You must be ready to go all in. The true benefit of a mastermind group is the brainstorming that happens when one member presents a problem, challenge or decision, and the entire group gets involved with the discussion. The best members are those who are willing to both ask for help and give help. We do not tolerate members who either want to hog the limelight, or who never ask for help at all. Members who participate in a full and balanced way will bring benefit to themselves and the group.

  4. Follow the Guidelines
    You must be willing to do the work. You won’t benefit if you don’t do the work. All the tips, tricks, ideas, support and accountability won’t do a damn thing if you are only an observer.  If you’re looking for a magic bullet where success will just happen to you, this place isn’t for you
  1. No Competitors
    We commit to give you a safe space. It is impossible for someone to be open about their problems, or about their great idea, if one of their competitors is listening in. When selecting our mastermind group members, we are diligent about the connections between people and separate competitors into different mastermind groups when necessary

  2. Similar Success and Experience Levels
    We commit to give you a strong group. We put our masterminds into groups who have experience, success, and special expertise that they can bring to the group. If each member brings their expertise to the group, the group wins.

  3. Pay your Membership
    Membership in the Global Domination Mastermind Group is $200/month, there are discounts for 6 month and 1 year memberships. 

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