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Stuff & Things About Us

"I am very thankful I've had the opportunity of working for Tanya, the skills she has taught me are utterly priceless."
Michelle Laciste
Sales/Business Development at Xola

Who are you?

Hi, I'm Tanya Marie Figueras Kraisingr.
a.k.a. TanyaMFK

  • I make my own toothpaste.
  • I Live in a different country every year.
  • I can read Korean.
  • And I help people build businesses.

Why are you qualified?

I was in corporate marketing for 16 years. Working with companies like Nestle, million dollar start ups, to struggling artists I've help build brands of all shapes and sizes.

Why now?

Like many of you, I got fed up with breaking my back for other people's sh*t.

Even though I was considered independent, I was still under the direction, desire, and vision of someone else's dream.

After the birth of my son, I decided that his crap was the only one I was willing to take.

What does "build a business" mean?

No Business idea?  We'll help you get one

Got and idea but don't know the next step? We'll direct you

Got the business but need to grow? We'll teach you how.

But words are cheap

Find out for yourself. Join Our BizBuilders Group FREE.

  • Get value
  • Get advice
  • Get Feedback
  • Meet Peers
  • Take an actual step towards the reality you always wished for

Or don't, and always wonder "what if". That sounds like fun too.

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